Iowa Mental Health
Counselors Association

Mission & Affiliation

Network for Mental Health Counselors in Iowa


The Iowa Mental Health Counselors Association (IMHCA) is dedicated to meeting the needs of mental health professionals throughout the state of Iowa. Our goals include promoting the role of mental health counselors, meeting their needs, and providing resources for counselors to offer proper care for their clients.

We understand what it is like to juggle your clients’ needs and administrative tasks, while also continuing your education—not to mention your own self-care. At times you may feel disconnected and overwhelmed. IMHCA is here to provide support through a network of mental health professionals. We offer support in multiple ways, including:

  • A state-wide conference providing continuing education on practical topics and networking opportunities
  • State lobbying efforts for legislation affecting mental health counselors and their clients
  • A quarterly newsletter reporting current issues related to the profession
  • Networking with other mental health professionals across the state of Iowa
  • A golf tournament fundraiser to support scholarships for students entering the mental health field

What Is a Mental Health Counselor?

The members of IMHCA have obtained a defined skill-set to be mental health professionals in the state of Iowa, meeting national standards and completing specific education requirements to enter the profession. They represent the wide variety of mental health specializations offered in the profession, including family and marriage counseling services. Mental health counselors use a practical and problem-solving approach to provide quality and cost-effective care. While the mental health counselors of Iowa offer their clients unique and attentive care tailored to each individual, we at IMHCA strive to provide these professionals with the support, opportunities, and advocacy they need to advance their knowledge and improve the care they offer their clients today.

While IMHCA benefits all counselors, members of the association receive enhanced benefits. To become a member or learn more about a membership, click here.

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