2020 IMHCA Awards

2020 IMHCA Awards

IMCHA recognizes the service, dedication, and excellent work of LMHC’s across the state of Iowa with three annual awards. We encourage you to nominate yourself or someone else to recognize their outstanding contributions to the profession by  July 15, 2020!

The Mental Health Champion award is for exemplary dedication to MH Advocacy; the IMHCA Service Award is for a volunteer who has served IMHCA on a board or committee and shown their dedication and commitment to enhancing the field of mental health; and the The Mental Health Counselor of the Year recognizes a counselor provides excellent counseling services to the community. This award winner must spend at least 51% of their time in direct counseling with clients, but could also be a consultant, supervisor, or educator

Each of these three awards goes to one person each year and includes:

  • Display plaque recognizing the recipient.
  • Scholarship for Day One of the 2020 IMHCA conference attendance fee (payment for one day can be refunded if already paid).
  • Scholarship for two days of the 2021 IMHCA Annual Conference (awarded upon registration next year).

The awards will be given at the IMHCA Conference on Thursday, Sept.3, 2020. Each recipient must be able to attend the IMHCA conference on Sept. 3, 2020 or send a representative to accept in their honor.

Questions can be directed to imhcamembership@gmail.com.

Please submit your nominations using the form below by July 15, 2020.

2020 Mental Health Champion Award


Verb: to fight or speak publicly in support of a person, belief, cause, etc.

Adjective: one who shows superiority or high quality

The second annual Iowa Mental Health Counselors Association Mental Health Champion Award will be presented at the 2020 annual conference on Sept. 3, 2020. This award will be presented to a nominated Iowa mental health counselor who shows exemplary dedication to the advocacy for individuals with mental health conditions, as well as furthering the field of mental health counseling through their individual and public professional efforts.

2020 IMHCA Service Award

The Iowa Mental Health Counselors Association is run by LMHC’s across the state who volunteer their time and efforts to promote quality mental health professionals and quality mental health care in the state of Iowa. This annual award is presented to a nominee who has dedicated their time and efforts for IMHCA either presently or in past years through service on the IMHCA board or a committee. This award will be presented at the 2020 annual conference on Sept. 3, 2020.

2020 Mental Health Counselor of the Year Award

The Mental Health Counselor of the Year Award is intended to be given to persons who spend 51% of their time in direct counseling with clients and relevant consultation/supervision activities. This award is intended to recognize an individual who has provided outstanding counseling service, including consultation, to the public. The nominee should be a current IMHCA member. Nominees may be private practitioners, or employed in agencies, institutions or colleges and universities; however, the primary role must be that of direct service provider.