Advocacy for the Mental Health Profession

The Iowa Mental Health Counselors Association (IMHCA) is a chapter of the American Mental Health Association (AMHCA). IMHCA is the only organization dedicated exclusively to meeting the professional needs of mental health counselors in Iowa. Since we started we have worked to promote quality mental health services for all people, distinguish the identity of the profession, and influence public policy to maintain standards of care and opportunities in line with our professional ethics and values. We accomplish these goals by working with other professional organizations, the state legislature, state regulatory agencies, and clients to promote quality in mental health counseling practices.

The Purposes of IMHCA

Continuing Education

  • Providing mental health counselors with continuing education opportunities to update and enhance their competencies

Professional Support

  • Providing a public forum and network throughout Iowa for counselors to address the social and emotional needs of their clients

Promote the Profession

  • Promoting high standards of professional commitment to persons who seek mental health counseling services in Iowa
  • Promoting attainable licensure and certification for counselors on state and national levels
  • Increasing awareness of the role and function of mental health counseling and counseling services to the public
  • Providing an alliance and increase advocacy for the profession by creating networks with counselors in other specialties and other organizations
  • Supporting research into mental health concerns, counseling interventions, and their effectiveness

Association By-Laws