Considering Private Practice?

    If you have been considering private practice but have been hesitant to start because of the many aspects involved in starting your own business, joining the West Des Moines Center for Psychotherapy (WDMCP) may be a good option for you!
    At the WDMCP, we are looking for a mental health provider to join our office-share agreement. This means that you own your own business but share the expenses of the physical space and operating costs of the practice with the other practitioners. The main benefit of office-share is that you are the owner of your practice, which gives you the freedom to have your own professional identity and agency over how you structure your business.

    How can you know if you are good fit for our group? This is a great opportunity for either an already established independent practitioner or a provider hoping to go into private practice for the first time. We will support you and/or mentor you as you take each step through this transition. In addition to operating as independent practitioners, we also thrive as a small group of professionals who emphasize consultation, life-long learning, and relational connection. With our business model, if you consistently maintain your client-load within the 22-26 range, your take-home income will be extremely competitive and exceed many agencies’ compensation models in our market area. If you are just starting out in private practice, we will offer you a gradual payment scale for practice expenses to give you room to build your caseload.

    Click on our link to read more about our group! Feel free to check our website at or call us at (515) 777-3388 and leave a message.