Ardent Center Counseling Internships

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•Prompt scheduling and completion of an initial Mental Health Assessment for all mental health clients (assessment shall be reviewed and approved by an LPHA)

•Completion of The Level of Care Utilization System (LOCUS) functional assessment for all mental health clients 18 years of age and older

•Completion of the Columbia Impairment Scale and Ohio Scales for Youth for all client’s between the age of 5 and 17 years

•Documentation of an Admission Note summarizing the clients’ identifying information, presenting problem, history of the presenting problem, provisional diagnosis, safety precautions, the medical necessity of treatment and treatment plan recommendations

•Construction and documentation of a timely individualized treatment plan (ITP) in conjunction with the client, and their guardian, in the event they have a court-appointed guardian or are a minor, addressing the clinical needs identified in the assessment process, coordination of care and discharge planning needs

•Timely revision/modification of the ITP as the client moves through the treatment process

•Completion of individual, group, couples/family counseling as driven by the needs identified in the assessment process and as indicated in the individualized treatment plan

•Timely documentation of therapy in progress notes summarizing for each session (i.e. goals and objectives addressed, clinical interventions, client response to interventions, and continued therapy plan)

•Provision to facilitate linkage to and ongoing coordination and support for needed services and supports in patients’ community environment

•Crisis intervention when indicated including immediate coordination of indicated service given nature of crisis addressed

•Consistent engagement of clients including prompt follow up on attendance issues or barriers, on use of referrals made, etc.

•Consistent collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team to support integrated care in regard to the treatment process

•Other duties as assigned


•Education and/or Experience: Currently enrolled in a Master’s program in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, or a related discipline from an accredited institution required