Become a Member

One simple way you can begin support mental health professionals in Iowa is to become an IMHCA member. By joining, you will immediately be able to connect with over 200 other mental health counselors throughout the state of Iowa; you will also help IMHCA advocate for increased opportunities through lobbying and other efforts to support appropriate policies for mental health professionals.

 Member Benefits

  • Continuing education opportunities at the annual conference at a reduced, members-only rate
  • Access to the IMHCA website, including free postings for IMHCA member employers, a free membership to listserv, upcoming events, and members-only information
  • State lobbying efforts for legislation benefitting mental health counselors and their clients
  • An informative online newsletter reporting current issues related to mental health counseling
  • Statewide networking opportunities with other mental health professionals
  • Opportunities for continued professional development, including presenting at conferences and workshops, joining the IMHCA board and leadership committees, and publishing articles or letters to the editor for the IMHCA newsletter

If you have any questions about IMHCA membership, email us at [email protected].