Day on the Hill: March 13, 2019

Advocate for Mental Health and Your Profession!
Our Annual Day on the Hill
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 2pm-4pm
Legislative Dining Room on the ground floor of the Capitol.

We will be doing an advocacy training between 1pm- 2pm for anyone interested in learning new, or further developing, advocacy skills.

In a show of presence and unity, we are encouraging everyone to wear the “It’s OK Not to Be OK” T-shirt. This is not a requirement. If interested in purchasing one, they can be found here:


Some proceeds from this shirt benefit the Iowa Mental Health Counselors Association.


1pm – Advocacy Training in Room 315 (3rd floor, see Capitol Rooms Map below)
2pm – IMHCA President Welcome & remarks and Government Chair remarks/IMHCA Lobbyist remarks in the Legislative Dining Room (see Capital Rooms Map below)
2:15pm – Senate President Charles Schneider remarks and brief Q&A
2:30pm – Legislator Guest Speakers
3pm – Advocate!
4pm – Closing Remarks & Conference Reminder


Please familiarize yourself with the attached 2019|2020 Guide to the Iowa Legislature. It also includes pictures of all the legislators, which will be very helpful when looking for legislators to approach.



Parking Map below:



Map to find Legislative Dining Room where we will meet at 2 PM; and to find Room 315 where we will meet for training at 1 PM: