IMHCA’s response to questions from the RFP for Executive Director

IMHCA has responde to questions about the request for Proposals for the Executive Director Position submitted in the alloted timeframe. Please use the following answers to assist in drafting a proposal.


1. Coordinating and supervising staff or contracted entities; How many staff or contracted entities do you currently have? What are their roles/responsibilities? Hours/month?

Currently, IMHCA does not have employees. Our lobbyist, Emily Piper, is our current contractor and she develops her specific hours and schedule. Her primary roles and responsibilities are legislative advocacy efforts for IMHCA, participating in the government and public policy committee, and providing legislative updates during our Annual IMHCA Conference. 

2. How many hours per month is this contract?

The hours for this contract will not be dictated by IMHCA, but rather the contractor. IMHCA will provide specific activities, events, and tasks requested by the Executive Director that will guide the level of involvement from the executive director. These tasks and duties will be evaluated with the contractor. 

3. Is this a new role within your organization? 

Yes. IMHCA has not ever had an executive director or paid leader of any kind.

4. Raise funds and manage fundraising activities; What are your current non-dues fundraising activities? 

Our primary fundraising activities center around our Annual Conference. We are currently exploring additional strategies to diversify our membership through continuing education. Previously, we have sold goods, such as T-Shirts, to enhance fundraising. 

5. What is the annual amount the ED is expected to raise as part of your next fiscal year’s budget?

The specific dollar amount will be developed over the next year by IMHCA and the contractor. The contractor will have the opportunity to propose a salary for themselves in this curent proposal. They have the opportunity to develop a plan for additional funding and programming that can expand and enhance that income, such as enhancing membership, developing an affiliated membership for counselors that are not a part of a specific organization, merchandise, or any additional areas of growth. 

6. Do you have a strategic plan?

IMHCA developed a strategic plan in 2020 and it has been reviewed during our Board retreats and will be reviewed at specific quarterly meetings throughout the year. See link below. This is monitored on a quarterly basis and runs from 2020 – 2023, but is a working document in an excel spreadsheet.

IMHCA revised draft strategic plan 2020 (1)


7. How many members do you have?

We have approximately 560 members with a primary focus on increasing membership and supporting current member needs. There is a great deal of room to grow with LMHCs in the state as well as LMFT memberships in the affilate membership category.