IAC Changes to Chapter 32 – Continuing education for LMHCs and LMFTs

This Newsletter was originally written on 3/18/2020 and is updated on 3/25/2020.

Please see the attachment for  rule changes to IAC 635.32 regarding continuing education. This was from September when there was a call for public comment. This public comment went to the Iowa Board of Behavioral Sciences by their September meeting and was discussed. IMHCA representatives were present for this discussion and review of public comment. No changes were made after this public comment, but the Iowa Board of Behavioral Science posted the amendments again for public comment. No public comment was received at this time. The changes were voted on and approved in December. Final changes will be published and sent into effect in April, per the Iowa Board of Behavioral Sciences in their most recent meeting in March. See attachment: 5011C

Changes include adding “webinars” to general criteria and removing it from the restricted 20 hour language:

“32.3(2) Specific criteria. Continuing education hours of credit may be obtained by completing the
a. Attendance at workshops, conferences, symposiums, and webinars.”


Changes to IAC can always be found here should you need them in the future: https://www.legis.iowa.gov/law/administrativeRules/bulletinSupplementListings

Thank you all for your continued diligent work and continued faith in the Iowa Mental Health Counselors Association. Your membership dollars are hard at work planning for the future of the profession. Hang in there and take care of yourselves. Thank you for you continued membership.


Courtney Ackerson, LMHC

IMHCA President