The following are notes from Courtney Ackerson, IMHCA past president and member of the IMHCA legislative committee, from the Iowa Board of Behavioral Sciences (IBBS) meeting on 3/10/2022. These notes are not official from the IBBS in any way. Any feedback regarding the accuracy of these notes can be submitted to IMHCA feels that the IBBS meeting information is pertinent to our practice and our members. These notes contain helpful tips and rule clarification.

Date and Time: March 10, 2022 – 9:00 a.m.
Location: Access to this meeting is provided both virtually and in-person.

In-person meeting location:

5th Floor Conference Room 526

Lucas State Office Building

321 E 12th St, Des Moines, IA 50319




Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 812 2157 0332

Passcode: 656373

Or by Phone: 1-312-626-6799

Board Members: Kevin Allemagne, Marital and Family Therapist; Natalia

Indrasari, Marital and Family Therapist; Kerry Lust, Public

Member; Echo Kent, Marital and Family Therapist; Amy

Mooney, Mental Health Counselor; Cody Samec, Mental Health

Counselor; Laura Wilcke, Behavior Analyst; Blake

Stephenson, Behavior Analyst; David Wolter, Public Member;

Ramona Wink, Mental Health Counselor; Nolan Byrnes, Public



Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

  1. Roll Call, Introductions, Announcements
  2. Approval of Open Session Minutes
    • December 9, 2021


  1. Board Executive Report
    • Anthony share about the NBCC conference in August. NBCC will pay for two board members to attend. We’ll discuss at our June meeting who will be the delegates.
    • The department has completed a recent upgrade of the version of our licensure software. The new version is more internet based and should work easier with mobile devices.
    • Upper Iowa University is starting the process for CACREP accreditation so we may see more applicants, Tony is scheduled to do a presentation for their upcoming grads to explain the licensure process.
  2. AAG Report – No report


  1. Request to waive rule 645 IAC 31.3(1)“b” regarding examination requirements— Gregory Elliott – granted this waiver for someone who has been licensed for a number of years in other states. He took the TX exam back in the day.
  2. Request to waive rule 645 IAC 31.7(2)”b” regarding supervision requirements – Justin Derry – partial waiver because he wanted a PSY to do all their supervision. IBBS said psychologist could be approved as additional but still wanted a board approved supervisor for at least 51% of the supervision. “Majority”

Unfinished Business

  1. Larry Jackson Jr. – supervision review – has hours he hasn’t submitted, the board will review where he’s at with new hours and if not enough will have him submit a waiver next

New Business

  1. Board Budget Recap – attached FY21–FY24 Individual Board Allocations & Summary Table
  2. Legislative Update – the board didn’t have any bills they wanted to talk about, I told them SF2195 was out there, it would create a student loan repayment program mental health professionals
  3. No Surprises Act – sounds like people are getting the clarification they need from the feds and the associations
  4. Impaired Practitioner Review Committee Presentation – attached  Impaired Practitioner Review Committee
  5. NBCC Exam Process – The exam approval process, which requires an application, transcript and pre approval by the Board administrative staff in order to register to take the national exam.  He noted many times new applicants will contact the NBCC directly for exam permission without realizing they have not followed the exam approval process and inadvertently delayed their ability to take the exam. We talked about updating our guidance to clearly define the process and then request NBCC change Iowa to a non pre-approval state to get rid of us being in the middle.

Administrative Rules

  1. Discussion and Vote on Proposed Adoption and Filing: Amendments to 645 IAC Chapters 31 and 280 regarding joint supervision rules (ARC 6142C) – reviewed the comments and SW proposed edits. See attached proposed changes in green. The board supported the changes in green. They voted to adopt and voted to authorize the SW to adopt  6142C with SW proposed changes
  2. Vote on authorizing Board of Social Work to adopt joint supervision rules – passed

Application Review

  1. Amy Armstrong

Public Comment  – Khan-Snyder from ACA talked about supervision training and the 6 hours, believes its on the low end and would like the board to consider a change.

Closed Session Agenda