Iowa Signs the Compact into LAW

Congratulations, Iowa Counselors!

Way to go. We knew this was coming, but it is so nice to see it in print. The Counseling Compact authorizes both telehealth and in-person practice across state lines in Counseling Compact states. We now have twenty-eight states who have ratified the Counseling Compact, which allows professional counselors licensed and residing in a Compact member state to practice in other member states without the need for multiple licenses. The threshold for enactment was 10 states, so it is now in the process of establishing governing processes. The Compact Commission met in October 2022 for their first meeting and started this process. Committees were formed, rules established, and now they are looking for an administrator:
The Counseling Compact Commission is the interstate administrative body created by the Compact. The Commission is composed of one Delegate from each member state’s licensing board or agency and is tasked with implementing the Compact’s provisions for interstate practice of professional counseling.
Stay tuned with IMHCA for more information as we have it. Meeting schedules for the commission can be found here: