2017 Legislative Update (Week 4)

IMHCA Legislative Update

February 3, 2017

Under the Golden Dome

We are four weeks into the legislative session that has largely been defined by divisive issues, lack of civility and general inability to come together for the good of Iowa.   It is only destined to get worse as legislators settle school funding, make changes to collective bargaining and debate educational vouchers.

The pace of work on other, less controversial, legislation, has been slow.   Committees are routinely cancelled and the pace of bill introduction lags behind prior years.   Legislators did resolve the necessary reductions in the current year’s budget to accommodate for a reduction in projected revenue growth.  And, the Republican leadership in the two chambers reached agreement on school funding.  This allows legislative leaders to move forward to put the FY 18 budget together.   Revenues are also projected to be tight for FY 18 with approximately $178 in new revenue available after accounting for the built-in increases in the budget.


Bills Of Interest

Complete text of bills can be accessed at the following link: https://www.legis.iowa.gov

SF 75:  This bill requires a physician to notify law enforcement of a potential dangerous situation with a patient with a mental health condition.  IMHCA is registered as neutral on the bill and has raised concerns about what this is intended to accomplish and the potential to violate patient privacy.  The bill was referred to the Senate Human Resources Committee.

SF 85:  This bill establishes a licensure procedure for clinical arts therapists and places them under the purview of the board of behavioral science.   IMHCA is registered as neutral on the bill.   The bill was referred to the Senate Human Resources Committee.

SSB 1043/HSB 41:  These bills expand the state employee insurance coverage for applied behavioral analysis for autism treatment.  IMHCA is registered in support of both bills.  The House Commerce Committee approved HSB 41.  SSB 1043 was referred to the Senate Commerce Committee.


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