Legislative Update – Week 1

Hello Members! There will be weekly updates in this legislative session from your Legislative Committee. Week one we were registered as undecided on the following bills as the session kicks off.

January 21, 2020:

Bills & Rules Watch
IMHCA week 1
Type Name Title
pre existing conditions SSB 3033 A bill for an act relating to preexisting condition exclusions in certain coverage for health care services, and including effective and applicability date provisions.
suicide prevention SSB 3020 A bill for an act requiring that public schools include the telephone number for the national suicide prevention line on student identification cards and including applicability provisions.
social worker reimbursement HF 2008 A bill for an act relating to supervision of a master social worker for the purposes of reimbursement for services under the Medicaid program and private insurance.
SIS scale HF 2007 A bill for an act relating to the supports intensity scale assessment for certain Medicaid members.
telehealth reimbursement HF 2001 A bill for an act relating to reimbursement rates for health care services provided to covered persons by telehealth and including applicability provisions.
mental health education SF 376 A bill for an act relating to the health education requirement for grades nine through twelve under the education standards. (Formerly SF 270.)
missing veterans HF 424 A bill for an act relating to the creation of a green alert program for missing veterans-at-risk. (Formerly HSB 135.)

Thank you for reviewing this week’s updates! Renee is hard at work at the capitol building. We look forward to meeting her at our DAY ON THE HILL.



Your IMHCA Legislative Committee