Board Retreat – THANK YOU AND WELCOME Board Members!

IMHCA held it’s annual board retreat on August 21st where we welcomed the new members and honored outgoing board members. Join us in saying a big thank you to our outgoing board members, and in welcoming our incoming board members! Comment on our social media posts to show your support.


Kacey Peterson will be leaving the position of Past President. Her knowledge and hard work have been invaluable to IMHCA and we will miss her. She will join our Past President Advisory Council and has lifetime membership in IMHCA as a thank you for her service. Kacey has been critical to the growth and development of IMHCA and has consistently ensured that our mental health professionals across the state are well taken care of and represented. She has won multiple national awards for her efforts with IMHCA and has been involved in the board for almost a decade in various roles such as Legislative Chair and President. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do for LMHCs in Iowa. We appreciate you.


Courtney Ackerson will leave the position of President and move into the role of Past President, where she will continue to share her experience and wisdom with IMHCA. Her hard, hard work has been instrumental in moving IMHCA toward strategic goals, and we thank her.


Dree LaToure will be leaving the post of Membership/Nominations Chair and Kyla Loucks will be leaving her role as Networking/Communications Chair. Both of them have been key in establishing the scope of those roles, and both will be staying on to serve on the ad hoc hiring committee for an executive director. Thanks, Dree and Kyla, for all you’ve done and continue to do.


Erin Carter will transition from her Member at Large position to Networking/Communications Chair, and Emma Hendricks will move from her role as a Student at Large to become Membership/Nominations Chair. Thanks Erin and Emma!


Now we WELCOME some new board members with fresh experience and vision to continue to move us forward!

Kayla Bell-Consolver is joining us as IMHCA President, Lynn Giang is stepping into the role of Government and Public Policy Chair, Ellyn Nitchals-Kellner will be our new Member at Large, and Jolena Perri and Sean Abramowitz will join us as our new Students at Large. Thank you, new board members!

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