Thinking of reopening or changing your protocols for COVID-19?

Re-opening and re-integration… what’s next?!

Written 5/19/2020

You may be questioning what is next for your practice or response to Covid-19. There are so many considerations! Try not to be too overwhelmed. Here are some tips and articles to help you determine your next steps.

In these uncertain times, it is important to:

  • Do what feels right to you and your practice.
  • Establish a plan – that can be updated – and communicate that plan to your clients. You can do this via email, your website, or individual notifications. You may want to think of multiple ways to communicate this information for current and potential clients and it may help to use a platform that reaches multiple clients so they can check-in on their own to see updates.
  • Regularly check the CDC guidelines, but set time limits on the exposure to news sources and public updates.
  • Check credibility of sources prior to following recommendations.
  • Check-in with yourself and how you are feeling about the steps you are taking for safety. Adjust if needed.
  • Join a consultation group or seek your own mental health services to take care of yourself during this time.


Resource for clients and yourself:

NAMI › covid-19-guidePDF
COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide – NAMI


Therapy after COVID-19:


The Private Practice Guide to Reopening After COVID-19